Letters From Our Members

Hey Hellians, it's P & P  Just wanted to say that we (your hedo neighbors till 9/21/11) had a great time at Hedo, although it was a short trip for us. 

I hope you have recuperated from your week there, but then again you all are pros;)  Thanks for being so nice and sweet to us.  Hope our partying on our last night didn't keep you up. 

Thanks again, hope to be on future trips with you and the Hellians:)

P & P

Miramar, FL

Hi Guy’s, just a note to thank you and the Hellians' for making our trip to Hedo a special one.

Your group was very cool to hang out with and I will recommend you to any of my friends up here in Rhode Island!

Take care,


J. M.

Rhode Island

This year’s Quad Squad on the Move’s trip to Desire was spectacular.  We want to thank you both and James and Champagne from Castaways Travel for all the work that you did to make the trip special.  We were very apprehensive about going to Desire.  We loved Hedo 3 and Jamaica and considered booking a trip to Hedo 2 instead of traveling with the Hellians to Desire. We are glad we didn’t.  Desire is a beautiful resort.  The food was excellent and staff is exceptional.  They honestly seem to care about everyone and they go out of their way to please us. The beach was relaxing, the pool was great place to socialize during the day, the disco was comfortable and was rocking every night and the hot tub, well let just say what happens at the hot tub stays at the hot tub.  However, what really makes the trip special are the people.  We know that may of you have been traveling together for many years, but you made us and everyone else feel welcome and a part of the group.  In the two years that we have been traveling with the Hellians, we have made some wonderful friendships and would not dream of missing a trip.  We booked our trip for next year before leaving the resort and we are already counting down the days. 

See you soon!

 R & M

Jacksonville, FL

I just want to send my thanks to the Hellians for their hosting of the
group at Hedo II.

We had a crazy week...probably the MOST crazy of any of our 6 visits to Hedo.
The Piano bar was extra special along with the Catamaran Cruise.

We met some really great people we hope to stay in touch with. We took quite
a few pictures and have some of many of you. Don't hesitate to drop us an email
and we will be happy to forward them to you for your personal use.

We will not share any photos we have taken of others but you may at your
personal discretion once they are in your possession.

We had a blast and looking forward to keeping in touch.

T & R (MA)


We couldn't agree more - a huge thank you for making it such
a fun trip!! You guys are great hosts, and even better, a fantastic couple to

C and I had a great time; the trip exceeded our expectations. We met
many awesome Hellians folk as well as others and are looking forward to keeping
in touch and perhaps meeting up again in the near future. Like Ray says, that
catamaran cruise was a blast :)

Would love to get any pics of us and will gladly send pics to those of you that
took them with us.

B & C (Portland, OR)


Definitely! THANK YOU for hosting and welcoming us Hedo newbies.
You two made it easy to enjoy ourselves.

And to everyone else.... thanks for a great couple of days. Everyone was great.
Unfortunately, we don't have any pics. But, we'd love to see anything that
other people post.

L & K (Florida)


WOW what a trip!...Freddie and I want to say thank you to you guys for another fantastic trip.

Hedo II was Awesome...We met so many wonderful people and had such a great time...Thanks again and hopefully we'll see ya'll on another exciting travel destination...

Hugs & kisses...

C & F 

Thank YOU!  It was a special trip.  We are already trying to think about when we can get away again!!!  By the way, who won the North American Showgirl competition on Saturday night?  

Looking forward (we think) to pictures from the trip.  xoxox

L & S (Weston, FL)

Wow! It had been two years since our last trip with you. We won't wait that long again. We had a fantastic time, and it was great to meet all of you. you guys  were great. Thanks for constantly going out of your way to make sure we felt welcome and at ease.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
A & J

Hey Guys,
                           just wanted to drop you a personal note to say thanks for putting on a great trip.  I guess we are not virgins any more and for that I say THANKS.  Too bad the sex police stopped you in action on the swing, Trish's good idea could have gone a long way.  Anyway we can save that for H3 as it is looking good for us schedule wise.  I have attached some pics  for your viewing pleasure, and if you have any we would love to see them.
Warmest regards,
T & M

Hola amigos.
Se nos pasaron varios dias despues de regresar de Jamaica pero nunca es tarde.  Queremos decirles que fue muy grato  volverlos a ver despues de tanto tiempo, y aunque coincidimos solo un par de dias, disfrutamos mucho de su compania y la buena conversacion.
Al igual que la vez anterior cuando estuvimos en Hedo III, queremos felicitarlos porque hacen un super trabajo como host couple, muy dedicados, muy responsables, y todos la pasan super bien gracias a ustedes.
Esperamos verlos nuevamente, ojala con mas tiempo.


S & T from Peru

We just wanted to let you guys know what an awesome time we had on the trip with the Hellians.  It was absolutely the best trip we have ever taken together and it was all because we met such wonderful people like the two of you.  We really appreciated you guys taking the time to get to know us and it meant a lot to us when you invited us to dinner so early in the trip. 

L wanted me to be sure and thank you for the sea sickness medicine for the boat trip and for easing her mind about it.  I was worried she would get sick because she didn't do so hot on the snorkel boat at Hedo.  I think the catamaran trip turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip for her. 
This was obviously our first time at a place like Hedo and even though we might not have been ready to get into the full "swing" of things we had an awesome time and experienced many new things and definitely peaked our curiosity about a lot of stuff.  Now we've just got to figure out what we are going to do for fun at home.  Everything is going to seem boring in comparison to Hedo.
I hope we get the chance to go back next year.  There's no way I would consider another time of the year.  It would have to be with you guys.
Take care and I'll be sending in our pics to add to the collection.  I can't wait to see all the other pictures.
L & A
So another trip has come and gone and I realized on the plane home that I never truly had the chance to properly thank you both for everything you do both for the Hellians and in particular, for me personally.  I really do treasure our friendship and besides all of the amazing and tireless work you do on behalf of the group as a whole, I continue to be so grateful and appreciative of your willingness to always make me feel welcome and include me in everything -- be it dinners, or shots by the bar, or wand demos by the hot tub, or moral support at the piano bar, or introductions to new couples, etc etc.  I couldn't possibly ask for better friends to have and I can't imagine what a Hedo trip would be like without you.  I had another fabulous week and for so much of it, I really do thank you both with all my heart.


We miss you too!!


Now that we are back in the swing of things: laundry caught up, work caught up, food in the house....we miss everyone and want to do it again!

We just said that this was the best vacation we have ever had and you two were part of the reason for that.

You put up with my Piano bar request (by the way, I have a great picture of me holding page 45 open to the Battle Hymn of the Republic)!!
Don't worry, I wasn't wearing my Hellians shirt and a lot of people thought I was a "Cave Dweller." Hee-Hee.

Hope all is well on your end. We think of you often and have many laughs and great memories of our trip together. Take care and we will chat soon!
Love ya,

B & R


It was a pleasure meeting you, and hope to see ya'll again somewhere.

You make a trip fun and a trip everyone wishes they could do again.





We wanted to send a sincere thank you for such a wonderful vacation!

We had such a great time and met so many wonderful people, you guys being two of them.

We are pretty definite that we will be back again next year!

M & F

Hey you two!
Thank you so much for the pictures!  We really had a great time!  You two are the Hosts with the Most!!  ;) 

A & K


We really had a great time, we are already recruiting people to go back to Hedo next year with the Hellians!

It was great to meet you both, and next time we head down to South Florida, we'll let you know. Maybe we could meet up.

K & M


Thank you so much for a great week at Hedo with the Hellians.  We met so many wonderful people.  Our only regret is that we couldn't spend more time getting to know everyone.

Also, thank you for emailing the pictures of the renewal of our wedding vows.  It was a very special moment for us and we're so glad you were there to share in it.

We look forward to next year.  Thanks again for everything!


A & J

We just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had this year with the Hellians.  We are very glad we met both of you and so many fun and sexy people.  We both had a great time and can not wait to go again.  Give the Ms. a kiss for M and me.  Thanks for a special week that we will always remember.

M & D